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A Better Future - Artificial Intelligence and Society

We started this website because we are concerned about our future. We are worried about the growing power of a small number of tech-giants. We are even more concerned about the so-called ‘singularity point’, a moment in the future where artificial intelligence (AI) can replace us with each activity. Most people disagree when this happens. But most AI experts agree it will happen one day.

There are a lot of articles, blogs and posts about those concerns and other problems we might face in the future. Surprisingly little is written about possible solutions. Therefore we have taken the initiative to analyse what dangers AI can cause.

We have started our project in January 2018. We have written a book with an analysis and proposals for a better future. 80% is ready. We decided not to wait and publish what we have. We invite anybody who is also concerned like us, to read it. If you have suggestions to improve our book or you found mistakes, please let us know.

If you have ideas about how to take action for a better future, we invite you to start a forum on our website.

You can reach us at email address